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Personal Routers: What you need to know!

Do you feel like your home internet is always struggling to keep up with modern technology? Are you looking for a way to take control …

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Rebooting: Restoring Service and Shaking out the Bugs

Whether service is totally offline or just acting a little funky, the first step in troubleshooting should be a reboot to the POE (Power Over …

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Linde Marshall
Aristata Communications, formerly Colorado Central Telecom, works to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural America. Today, the local telecom company provides internet and communications services to nearly 5,000 customers throughout five counties in the Central and South-Central Rocky Mountains including Lake, Chaffee, Fremont, Custer, and Huerfano Counties.
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Aristata Communications
We bridge the digital divide in the Central Rockies while transforming the relationships we have with our communities and customers to create a lasting, positive impact for generations ahead.

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Aristata Communications

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  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling to the US and Canada
  • Over 35+ calling features, like voicemail, call waiting, and call forwarding
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