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Carlin Walsh Dear Valued Customers,
I believe it’s important to reiterate my sincere apology for the recent Internet outage that affected Aristata’s reliability and service; I am terribly sorry for the inconvenience it caused. During this outage, we learned valuable lessons that have further reinforced our commitment to delivering seamless and reliable services to our customers.
One of the key areas we identified for improvement is our communication strategy during emergencies. While we have worked tirelessly to connect with customers using email, social media, radio, news outlets and even traditional mail, we realized that we lacked a robust way to connect with you during an outage. This realization has prompted us to immediately begin establishing a more effective communication channel to keep you informed promptly and reliably via SMS texts.
To develop a robust SMS system for emergency notifications or service disruptions in the future, we need each customer to login to your customer portal and update your telephone numbers. It’s of utmost importance that your mobile number is identified correctly (for example, your mobile number should not be listed as a landline).
Aristata Communications is constantly striving to improve our systems and processes to provide you with the best possible experience. Despite the challenges we faced during the outage, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering exceptional services to you. We understand the importance of uninterrupted connectivity in today’s digital world, and we are determined to enhance our infrastructure to meet your expectations.
Again, please login to our customer portal and update your mobile numbers so we can contact you in case of future emergencies or outages.
Thank you for being a valued customer.

Carlin Walsh

Carlin Walsh
Aristata Communications
Formerly Colorado Central Telecom

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Aristata is deploying high-speed fiber-optic technology in rural Colorado, aiming to bridge the digital divide and meet the increasing demand for reliable internet connectivity as smart device usage grows.

We are actively building-out fiber in Buena Vista and taking pre-orders for service. Sign up below.

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Aristata Communications - a Visionary Broadband company
Friendly reminder: Aristata Communications is now a Visionary Broadband Company. Your credit card charges and ACH payments for Internet services will state Visionary Broadband.
Aristata Communications
We bridge the digital divide in the Central Rockies while transforming the relationships we have with our communities and customers to create a lasting, positive impact for generations ahead.

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