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A Note from the CEO Related to the Recent Network Outage

Carlin Walsh To our valued customers,
I am beyond relieved to share—we were able to track down the root cause related to the last 2 weeks of intermittent, unreliable Internet service, and feel confident that our network is stable.
First, my sincerest apologies for the disruption our service outage caused you. This outage has impacted your livelihoods and businesses, which flies in the face of Aristata’s value of community. As a locally owned and operated company, your business is crucial for our existence, and the same is true for the families and businesses impacted by our outage.
While this incident has certainly shaken our customers’ trust in us, this was not a small nor routine problem. This event involved the best Internet network professionals—who were located across South Africa, Europe, and the United States—to diagnose and resolve the problem.
In summary, parts of Aristata Communications’ inherited, legacy network unknowingly utilized an incorrect software configuration. Until recently, the network operated without disruption. However, when a recent equipment upgrade was made, this incorrect software configuration caused the network to go down, mimicking a malware attack or malicious activity on the network. We were able to engage a globally renown network engineering firm during this time—IP ArchiTechs— who eventually was able to diagnose the incorrect configurations, confirm it was not malicious activity, and restore network stability.
Necessary network optimizations will be needed moving forward to enhance the legacy network. IP ArchiTechs has been fully engaged by Aristata to support these optimizations. We have also secured their expertise for any additional future work to ensure disruptions of this magnitude are avoided. Period.
Thank you to so many of our loyal customers who handled this outage with patience, understanding, and in good spirits. Your support and concern for our Technical Support and Customer Care Teams, who worked around the clock, was sincerely appreciated. While I am deeply sorry this disruption occurred in the first place, I am extremely proud of our Team and thankful for your support.
Please see a couple of helpful resources to reboot your routers and get your home offices and networks up and running again. And of course, our Technical Support Team is available to help you at 719.937.7700 option 3.
If you would like a credit on your account for the days of downed service, please call our Customer Care Team at 719.937.7700 option 1 and we would be happy to accommodate your request in order to regain your trust.
We know you don’t have to choose Aristata Communications as your Internet provider, yet we are humbled and grateful that you have chosen a locally owned and operated company.
Yours in service,

Carlin Walsh

Carlin Walsh
Aristata Communications
Formerly Colorado Central Telecom

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Aristata Communications - a Visionary Broadband company
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