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Aristata Network Improvements and Taxes/Fees on May Invoice

Brian WorthenThe Aristata team has rolled up our sleeves and been hard at work improving and upgrading the network to provide the reliable, fast internet service you deserve.
Network Improvements:
Since March 1st, we have completed the following upgrades:
  • The Tenderfoot wireless tower now has 10 times its previous bandwidth. This is a huge upgrade because Tenderfoot improvements also improve bandwidth to the Methodist Mountain tower, Maysville, Moffat, Center and Ski Monarch.
  • The Deer wireless tower now has a large bank of commercial batteries, improving power performance at that site.
  • We are currently working to upgrade bandwidth to the Democratic Tower.
Tax and Fee Explanation:
In February we uncovered a shortcoming in our billing process related to taxes and fees. Aristata has not been collecting the proper sales taxes and fees that should be remitted to our local towns and cities. This is also the case for fees that require collection and remittance to the FCC, and a regulatory fee to ensure all regulatory compliance.
Aristata will be adding these taxes and fees to your invoice on the May billing cycle (Please remember, Aristata is now a Visionary Broadband Company so your invoices, credit card transactions and ACH payments will now state Visionary). If you are invoiced on the 1st of the month, the effective date will be May 1st. If you are invoiced on the 15th of the month, the effective date to add taxes and fees will be May 15th. The main change for internet customers will be the addition of a regulatory fee. Voice customers will see local sales tax, a 911 fee, a telecom relay fee and a regulatory fee on their invoice (just like you see on your cellular bill). We wanted to send you this communication in advance of May in order to allow you to budget for the change.
I appreciate your business and support as our business matures.

Brian Worthen

Brian Worthen
Visionary Broadband
Aristata Communications
Aristata Communications - a Visionary Broadband company
Friendly reminder: Aristata Communications is now a Visionary Broadband Company. Your credit card charges and ACH payments for Internet services will state Visionary Broadband.
Aristata Communications
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